Emily Wright, MS

Mental Training and Peak Performance Specialist

Emily values helping others and sharing her passion for promoting mental skills training as an important component of athlete development and performance. Emily is currently a doctoral student in the Institute for the Study of Youth Sports (ISYS) at Michigan State University where she studies psychosocial aspects of sport and physical activity with a concentration on parent influence in youth sport and positive youth development. Prior to Michigan State, Emily attended Miami University, where she received her master’s degree in Sport Psychology. Emily also holds a bachelor’s degree in Psychology with a minor in Kinesiology from the Pennsylvania State University.

Throughout her academic endeavors, Emily has gained valuable applied experiences working with a diverse range of athletes from the youth to collegiate level. During her time at Miami University, Emily was the program assistant for the Miami CHAMPS/Life Skills program, which focuses on enhancing student-athlete’s total growth and personal development in both their academic and athletic practices through discussion, workshops, and presentations. Currently, Emily is a mental skills consultant for the Michigan State University women’s tennis team, where she delivers group and individual sessions focused on a variety of mental skills. Emily also provides mental skills training to youth ice hockey players in the East Lansing, MI area through presentations and collaborative workshops.

Emily is a member of the Association for Applied Sport Psychology (AASP) and the North American Society for the Psychology of Sport and Physical Activity (NASPSPA). Last year, Emily was the recipient of the 2018 AASP master’s thesis award, for her applied research that focused on parents’ perfectionism levels, parenting styles and views of sport specialization. Emily has presented her research at national conferences and published manuscripts in peer-reviewed journals as well as book chapters focused on parent influence in youth sport, positive youth development, and athletic talent development.

At Michigan State, Emily teaches undergraduate courses and mentors students interested in both applied and research-focused concentrations in sport psychology. In her free time, Emily enjoys running, spending time with family, and reading.