Mental Skills for Dancers

Event Details

Hosted by: KPEX Consulting

Presenters: Alexandra Salerno & Leigh Skvarla

KPEX Consulting will be holding two mental training sessions for dancers hoping to learn more about how to use their mind to enhance performance. Attendees will be taught skills they can use to become more confident, less anxious, and more appropriately focused.

  • Group sessions will be collaborative and fun, and active participation in both discussion and learning activities is highly recommended.
  • Sessions will be uniquely tailored to address the needs of those in attendance.
  • Dancers from a variety of backgrounds (i.e., ballet, contemporary, modern, tap, jazz) are encouraged to attend. Session content will be most applicable to dancers 10-22 years of age.
  • The group format will allow for attendees to recognize that other dancers have similar concerns or issues, which can allow for a more engaging and open discussion about fears, anxieties, and self-talk.

You may sign up for each workshop individually. However, we encourage you to enroll in both sessions to gain the most information and self-awareness.

SESSION 1: December 3, 1-230 PM

From Head to Toe: Assessing Your Mental Skills & Identifying Your Performance Mindset

During the first session, we will focus on helping dancers to understand how their mentality impacts their training and performance and to identify the factors they control in building a strong performance mindset. The purpose of the first session is to provide attendees with a greater awareness of their own mental skills and to identify how they can immediately apply this self-awareness to their experiences. This session is a “jump start” to the process of building mental toughness for performance.

SESSION 2: December 17, 1-230 PM

Curtains Up!: Choosing Confidence and Controlling your Self-Talk

Even the best performers in the world have some degree of self-doubt and nervousness before an important event. This workshop will focus on helping attendees identify what makes them confident and how they can manage their feelings of anxiety. We will teach attendees stress management strategies, including deep breathing, imagery, and other relaxation techniques. Additionally, we will help attendees recognize what they tell themselves in a variety of situations (e.g., classes, rehearsal, performances) and how to change negative and/or irrational thoughts into more positive, productive ones. Attendees will leave with worksheets to help them continue to exercise their “mental muscles” long after the session concludes.


  • Register by 11/30
  • Enrollment is limited to 12 participants
  • Priority will be given to those who are registering for both sessions
  • If you are interested in the event but have a conflict with the time/date, please let us know.
  • Cost $65 for 1 session, $110 for both

Questions can be directed to: or (412) 404-8878