Sport Psychology Workshop for Competitive Athletes

Event Details

This event finished on 11 July 2016

We will be holding 3 training sessions for athletes hoping to learn more about how to use their mind to enhance their performance.  Attendees will leave with concrete skills they can use to become more confident, less anxious, and more appropriately focused in order to improve their performance.

  • Workshops will be interactive and active participation in both discussion and learning activities is highly recommended.
  • Each session will be uniquely tailored to address the needs of those in attendance.
  • Athletes of all ages and from all sports are encouraged to attend.
  • The group format allows athletes to see that others have similar issues, which helps them feel better about their own fears and anxieties.

You may sign up for each workshop individually, though to make the most of the training, we encourage you to enroll in all three sessions.

Session 1: Use Your Head: Assessing Your Mental Toughness  & Identifying Your Performance Mindset

The first of the three interactive workshops will focus on helping athletes to understand how their mind impacts them and to identify their mindset when they perform their best. The purpose of the first session is to provide attendees with a greater awareness of their own mental game and to teach them mental skills they can immediately utilize in their sport to start the process of becoming mentally tougher.

Session 2: Be Your Best: Choosing Confidence and Controlling Anxiety

Even the best athletes in the world have some self-doubt and get anxious before competition. This workshop will focus on helping attendees identify what makes them confident and what hinders their ability to trust their performance. We will also discuss why anxiety can help performance but also the importance of being able to control it. We will teach athletes skills they can utilize to decrease anxiety, including deep breathing, imagery, and other mental and physical relaxation techniques.

Session 3: Dialed In: Controlling Your Focus and Your Self-Talk

Many athletes are super mean to themselves and are very self-critical. This workshop will have athletes identify what they tell themselves in a variety of situations (practice, close games, after mistakes, etc) and how to change any negative thoughts into more productive ways of thinking. We will also discuss common situational distractions that prevent athletes from performing their best and teach them activities to enhance their overall focus.

  • Register by 7/6–enrollment is limited to 12 participants. Priority will be given to those who are registering for multiple sessions.
  • You may sign up for each workshop individually however we encourage you to enroll in all three sessions to make the most of the training.
  • Cost: $50 for one session, $125 for all 3

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