Feedback from Clients

Feedback from Pittsburgh Penguins Organization

  “Aimee has helped me tremendously through my hockey career by helping me deal with the pressures that come with playing a professional sport. She helps me to play to my full potential on the ice and I don’t think I would be where I am today without her help.”

– professional hockey player, currently in his  7th year at the NHL level; Stanley Cup winner



“Aimee has been with our organization since 2007. She has been a huge asset to us, particularly in the development of our players and helping them to transition into professional hockey. She works with the team and individuals to develop a mindset that allows them to make an impact and see consistent success. She also works with our scouting department before and during the combine to help identify the type of players we want in our organization. We believe the mind is a critical element of success and we encourage our players to use Aimee, as she is a valuable resource and has helped many of our players throughout their careers.”

– Jason Botterill,  associate general manager for the Pittsburgh Penguins

 “Aimee is a great sounding board. She has helped me to refine the messages I send to my players and provides feedback on how I can motivate and better communicate with my team. She is an essential piece of the puzzle and is another tool we provide all of the players in our system to enhance their development. Becoming a professional athlete is a hard road, and Aimee’s role is to support our athletes on and off the ice. She has helped the team and individuals overcome many challenges and has a great way of connecting with and teaching our guys how to be more mentally tough. She is flexible, creative, and understands the demands on the players. We want our younger guys to make an impact in the NHL and she helps them to address the pressures they face as they begin their career here and transition to higher levels. She helps them understand their foundation and teaches them the focus, attitude, and mindset needed to be confident and successfully fulfil their roles. She isn’t someone we just use when we have issues, Aimee is someone we rely on to get our players to the next level.”

-John Hynes, head coach, New Jersey Devils, 2010 AHL Coach of the Year (WBS Penguins)

Feedback from Athletes Involved in Team Training

“These sessions were really great for breaking down to what we, as a team, should think, do, and how to do it. They were fun, effective and very important.”feedback

“These sessions were incredibly helpful and eye opening to the fact that in order to be successful, I also had to win the mental game. These sessions calmed me down and better prepared me for every game to ensure optimal focus. Your team exercises and personal advice are incredibly helpful and I’ll always practice them in the future.”

“I liked the exercises we did as a team. I think that you helped us a lot. I also liked the cookies that you gave us. :)”

“I looked forward to these meetings. I thought this was helpful for building trust and relationships and reflect on everything that happened and learn from it and move on. Thank you for everything!”