To achieve our potential in sport, we need to train both the physical and mental aspects of our game. At the elite level, what separates good athletes from great athletes is often related to their mindset. Just like you work on your physical techniques, you can also work to improve your mental game. If your sport is even 50% mental, think how much better you will be when you intentionally train your mind. Through mental training, athletes can learn to be more consistent and develop the mental toughness that will help them to not only be successful in their sport, but also in life. We all have advanced degrees in sport psychology and understand the pressure athletes face and the unique demands of each sport.

Mental Training Services:

  • Individual Sessions: One-on-one consultations with people interested in enhancing their mental skills. Sessions are typically an hour long and the focus is determined by each individual’s needs.
  • Team Sessions: We provide training to introduce teams to the concept of mental toughness, to develop a successful team culture, and to address topics coaches feel will benefit their group. The structure of each team program is customized to the group’s needs and developmental level.
  • Group Workshops: We provide training at our facility for small groups focused on specific topics, sports, and/or upcoming event. Examples include: marathon training, preparing for playoffs, intro to mental training. You can request a session for your group or join one already planned.
  • Coach and Program Assessment:  Online survey for coaches/athletic directors to anonymously receive feedback from players. The purpose is to get an understanding of the structure of the athletic program and provide information as to what is working well and what can be improved.
  • Leadership Training: Since 2005 we have organized a Student Athlete Leadership Academy for high school athletes. Since that time, we have trained over 1500 student-athletes to be better leaders in their sports, school, and community.
  • Parent and Coach Training: We provide training to assist coaches and parents in enhancing the experience of young athletes. These seminars can be conducted for schools as well as community organizations.


  • Athletes at all levels (Professional, collegiate, high school, youth, recreational, exercisers)
  • Teams
  • Parents
  • Coaches

Example topics:

  • Consistent Peak Performance
  • Overall Mental Toughness
  • Perfectionism
  • Worries/Doubts/Nerves
  • Confidence
  • Focus
  • Self-Talk
  • Letting go of mistakes
  • Coach/Athlete/Parent Issues
  • Emotional control
  • Life decisions (should I specialize in a sport? should I compete in college?)
  • Injury
  • Team culture
  • Leadership
  • Sport psychology basics

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TEAM TRAINING: Example Group Workshops


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