About KPEX

Whether you call it sport psychology, mental training, performance excellence, or consulting, the goal is the same: create a mindset and culture that leads to success. KPEX is dedicated to helping athletes, coaches, corporate leaders, and other performers to achieve greatness in sport, business, and life. KPEX’s programs focus on identifying the mindset in which you perform your best and providing ways to recreate that mindset. We take a strengths-based approach to developing mental toughness.

We work with individuals and groups to develop programs catering to their unique mental demands. Addressing the mental aspects of performance ensures that you perform at your peak when the pressure rises. We also work with groups to develop a culture of success. We focus on areas like communication, goal-setting, and attitude to make sure the environment is  one that leads team members to be motivated to excel.

Our Philosophy: We take an individualized approach to addressing the mental aspects of performance. We get to know each client and seek to understand how their mind influences their performance, both positively and negatively.

Our Company Name: KPEX stands for Keystone Performance Excellence. Architecturally speaking, a Keystone is at the apex of an arch. It’s often the final piece of construction that locks the rest of the structure into place. Without the Keystone, the arch cannot support itself. This is how we see the mind–you can have built the best structure (skills, knowledge, nutrition, fitness) but without the proper mindset that structure will often fail. Much like the Keystone is at the peak of a building, your mind helps you to reach your peak performance; it’s a necessary element of success. The Keystone design is also a shout out to our headquarters in Pennsylvania, the “Keystone State”.  It was in Pennsylvania that the foundation of America was born and it’s from your mindset that the foundation of excellence can grow.

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