Example Workshops

Example Group Presentations

  • What It Takes: Identifying the Characteristics Needed to Succeed
  • Developing the Midas Touch: Goal Setting for Success
  • Raising the Bar: Improving Individual and Group Performance
  • Finding Balance: How to Manage Work and Life Stress
  • The Competitive Edge: Creating Your Peak Performance Mindset
  • Set Yourself on Fire: Finding Your Motivation to Succeed
  • Be Accountable: Keys to Communication and Conflict Resolution
  • Control the Controllable: Building Confidence One Task at Time
  • Potential Means You Haven’t Done It Yet: Enhancing the Quality of Work
  • Sometimes You Have to Cross a River: Taking the Uncomfortable Road to Success
  • The Culture of Kids: Successful Parenting for Successful Parents

Example Leadership Training Presentations

  • Follow Me: Leadership from the Inside Out
  • Expect More: Raising the Performance of Yourself and Your Co-workers
  • Stuck in the Middle: Preventing and Mediating Disagreements
  • Get ‘Er Done: 7 Essential Leader Behaviors
  • Embrace the Challenge: Working Towards Success and Dealing With Obstacles
  • Personality Goes A Long Way: Enhancing the Cohesion of Groups of Different Personalities
  • They Are Who They Are: Establishing Identities and Gaining Role Acceptance
  • Two Bridges, Two Tunnels, One Business: Connecting the Paths of Each Family Generation
  • Can You Teach an Old Dog New Tricks?: Communicating with “The Boss”