Audition Tips

Author: Alexandra Salerno, LPC, NCC

Auditioning can be a scary and very intimidating process, but it doesn’t have to be! Here are a few important tips that can help put your mind at ease with your audition.

  1. Details. It is important to know where, when, and what time your audition will be scheduled. Knowing these three key facts, can ease anxiety in the moment.
  2. Audition Material. Preparation for a dance and vocal audition require different steps. Be familiar with the type of audition and the material that will accompany it.
  3. Members of the Staff. When preparing for an audition, it is beneficial to be familiar with the members of the organization. This would include the director(s), choreographer(s), and accompanist(s).
  4. Plan Meals. Audition days can be long! Can make sure to eat a good, stable breakfast ad pack a few snacks to take with you.
  5. Visualize Yourself Performing at Your Best. It is important to be confident not only in the material you will be presenting, but within yourself. Auditions offer an opportunity for you to present your artistic abilities. Go out there and show them what you’re made of!
  6. Focus on the Controllables. Many times the worry of “will I get this role?” “Am I what they’re looking for?” or “what if I mess up?” can get in the way and leave feelings of anxiety and fear. Although auditions may feel or seem intimidating, trust in yourself and the work you have done up to this point. Don’t try to predict what the outcome of your audition will be; go in and have fun!
  7. Be Your Own Best Friend. This means minimizing negative self-talk. Showing up to an audition is half the battle. Give yourself credit for making it this far! Invent positive statements to repeat to yourself such as, “I can do this!” or “This is my time.” These statements can support you in staying focused on your goal.
  8. Relax And Enjoy. Relax your mind; you know what you have to do to perform at your best. This is your time to shine – make it great!