Mental Toughness Webinar: Preparing Athletes for Competition Post-COVID

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For athletes of all ages and skill levels, the COVID-19 pandemic has been a difficult time to manage. With “new normals” and much uncertainty about the future still remaining, athletes face additional challenges as they begin returning to their sports. KPEX Consulting is offering a virtual webinar to help athletes overcome these challenges. Led by Donato Fanelle, MA, this webinar will teach athletes how they can develop, improve and apply key mental skills. Through engaging discussion and hands-on learning, attendees will learn about principles of sport psychology and understand how to be mentally tough in challenging and stressful situations. At the conclusion of the webinar, all attendees will also receive additional resources to help them to continue developing their mental toughness throughout the summer.

Cost is $25 per attendee.

For additional information, please contact Donato Fanelle at or 609-617-2921.


Topics covered in the webinar:

  • Preparing to return to sports after COVID-19
  • Confidence & self-talk
  • Controlling the controllables
  • Managing stress & performance anxiety
  • Effective goal-setting
  • Visualizing success