Virtual Mental Skills Training Program – Week 2: Motivation

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Group Sessions Begin on Monday, July 6th/Thursday, July 9th, 2020 @ 7:00pm


Every athlete recognizes that their sport is not just physical – it’s also mental. However, many athletes do not spend nearly enough time training the mental side of their game. As athletes begin returning to their sports in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, KPEX Consulting is offering a small-group virtual mental training program for athletes interested in improving their mental skills and developing their mental toughness. Led by Donato Fanelle, this virtual training program will teach athletes how they can develop and improve key mental skills. Groups will meet once a week for 6 weeks, with sessions running for about 45 minutes each. Through engaging discussions and hands-on learning, attendees will learn about the principles of sport psychology and how to navigate the challenges and uncertainty of returning to their sports. By the end of the program, athletes will be able to apply mental skills in sports and life and understand how to be mentally tough in challenging and stressful situations.


Mondays: Ages 12 to 16 (recommended)

Thursdays: Ages 17+ (recommended)


For additional information, please contact Donato Fanelle or 609-617-2921


Training Program Curriculum

  • July 6th/9th – Mental Toughness & Managing Emotions
    • Introduction to mental skills training and overview of the pillars of mental toughness
    • Understanding how emotions impact performance
    • Healthy strategies to manage stress and performance anxiety


  • July 13th/16th – Motivation
    • Developing your “why”
    • Intrinsic vs. extrinsic motivation
    • Using your values to become committed


  • July 20th/23rd – Goal-Setting & Routines
    • Strategies for effective goal-setting
    • Learning how to “trust the process”
    • Establishing routines that will generate more consistency


  • July 27th/30th – Confidence
    • Developing trust in your skills and abilities
    • Improving your self-talk
    • Overcoming obstacles, challenges, and setbacks


  • August 3rd/6th – Concentration & Focus
    • Defining and differentiating confidence, focus, and attention
    • Internal/External focus and broad/narrow focus
    • Blocking out distractions


  • August 10th/13th – Imagery
    • Seeing, hearing, and feeling yourself being successful
    • Creating a “mental blueprint” to help you prepare for upcoming competitions
    • Using visualization to generate more confidence, focus, and motivation


Training Options & Cost

  • À la carte (Any individual session of your choice): $30 per session
  • Full program (6 Sessions): $120
    • Optional: 45-minute individual session scheduled at your convenience for $45
  • Half program (3 Sessions of your choice): $75
    • Optional: 30-minute individual session scheduled at your convenience for $45